GRADE 4 Math

Your child is is starting a mathematics unit on whole numbers. Children will develop strategies for adding and subtracting whole numbers. They will use mental math, estimation and pencil-and-paper calculations.

In this unit your child will:
  • Recognize and read whole numbers from 1 to 10 000.
  • Read and write numbers in standard form, expanded form and written form.
  • Compare and order numbers.
  • Use diagrams to show relationships.
  • Estimate sums and differences.
  • Add and subtract 3-digit and 4-digit numbers mentally.
  • Use personal strategies to add and subtract and recall facts.
  • Pose and solve problems.

We use numbers every day in many different situations. We have had a discussion of all the places we use math!
Encourage your child to use mental math to calculate.
Talk with your child about strategies you use to calculate mentally.
This is an important step to developing number sense.

I will send home information on different mental math strategies that your child can try out with you!

Students will receive their own personal password to Study Ladder (linked below). This website will be used as for math skills practice throughout the year. The tasks will be changed on a regular basis.


Math Playground

Math Trainer

Study Ladder - Math Practice

Math Games - Fun!