Topic D: Light and Shadows

 Students learn about light by studying the effects of light on things within their environment. They
learn about light sources, about materials that light can pass through and about what happens when a
material blocks or changes the path of light. by observing shadows and their motions relative to alight source. Students discover that light and shadows fall along a predictable path. They discover that mirrors,prisms and a variety of other materials can affect that path by reflecting and refracting light and by splitting light into colours. 


Simple Machines

Six Types of Simple Machines
Games to Explore Simple Machines
Study Jam - Simple Machines (find: force and motion)

Plants Growth and Changes

Biology of Plants
Parts of Plants
Why plants are important

General Science

National Geographic Kids

Other topics will be:

Topic B: Wheels and Levers


Students learn about basic components of simple machines: how they are assembled, how they operate, how they are used. Students explore different techniques that can be used to transfer motion from one component to another, using simple connectors and various levers, gears, pulleys and band driven systems. As they work with these components, they learn the  functions that each can perform, including sample applications and ways that they can be used in a
larger system. As part of their studies, they examine how these simple machines are used to change the speed or force of movement.

Topic E: Plant Growth and Changes


Students learn about the structure and growth of plants by raising plants in the classroom and by observing plant growth within the community.  They learn to recognize and describe different forms of leaves, stems, roots and flowers and learn their functions in supporting the growth and reproduction of the plant. They learn various ways of starting new plants and the plants’ requirements for growth. Through hands-on activities, students learn that different plants have different needs, and they gain skills and attitudes for their care.