Social Studies

GRADE 4: Alberta: The Land, Histories and Stories

Grade 4 students will explore the geographic, cultural, linguistic, economic and historical characteristics that define quality of life in Alberta. They will appreciate how these characteristics reflect people’s interaction with the land and how physical geography and natural resources affect quality of life. Through this exploration, students will also examine how major events and people shaped the evolution of Alberta.

As they reflect upon the people, places and stories of Alberta, Grade 4 students will develop a sense of place, identity and belonging within Alberta.

Aboriginal peoples, agriculture, archeology,cultural heritage, demographics, First Nations,fossils, Francophone, Francophonie, geology,Métis Nation, Métis settlements, multiculturalism,natural resources, paleontology, protected areas,sustainability, treaties.

We will be starting off with a short unit on MAPPING. Ask your child to explain the compass rose to you! You can help out by pointing out directions to your child as you walk or drive around the city and beyond!


 Tour Alberta's Natural Regions

Grasslands Region

Map of Alberta (detailed)

Photo Tour of Alberta